Laugh, Chat and Sew With Felicia

Sew With Felicia classes are energetic, inspiring and excellent for your mental health. Every student finishes each course a more confident sewer. Students learn about their machines, how to sew a straight line, installing zippers and more. We meet as strangers and close class as friends.

  • Thread

    Your thread choice matters. Qualiity over quantity even if that means 1 spool of white thread and 1 spool of black thread.

  • Fabric

    Choosing the right fabric for your project is one of the most important things you should give attention to. It will effect how your finished project looks and "acts".

  • Buttons

    Buttons come in lots of sizes, shapes and colors. While some buttons may be used purely to jazz up your garment most serve the purpose of keeping fabric closed. Choosing the right button for your project is key.